Demo Guitars

Updated: June 9, 2014

Demo guitars are floor models that have been SLIGHTLY used. Some are B-Stock factory seconds. These guitars are 99% as good as new, but are not NEW. Therefore, they are priced to sell quickly. ALL demo guitars carry our complete refund guarantee. (Availability is not guaranteed. Demo’s are sold first come, first serve). Shipping is $39-$49 North America, $139 Europe, $189 NZ/Australia


Eastwood EEB-1 Bass. Chip on headstock, email for photo, $150! Price : $749 Only: $599

Wandre Tri-Lam Red. 2″ Finish crack on body rear near output jack.Save $280! Price : $879 Only: $599

Stormbird Bass Metallic Blue. in-store demo, light pickgaurd wear. SAVE $120! Reg Price $469 Only: $349

Airline MAP Bass Seafoam Green. In store demo, minor scratch on neck near nut where your thumb would be, impossible to photograph, but visible to the naked eye.  SAVE $180!reg price: $879 Only: $699

Eastwood Classic 6 Black, minor finish scratches on back. Save $100. Reg Price: $499 SALE PRICE only $399

Airline ’59 1P Red, paint chip on top of headstock, save $180! Reg Price: $879

NEW Price only: $699

Airline Lap Steel Red, fret markers appear worn off on fretboard (missed the paint) email for photos. Save $130. Reg Price: $349 SALE PRICE only $229

Sidejack Bass VI Left-Hand with very Minor scracth on body back. Barely visible. SAVE $100 Reg Price $699 SALE PRICE $599

Airline 2P Red, minor scratch on body back, save $150! Reg Price: $749 SALE PRICE $599


Warren Ellis Signature Tenor 2P Vintage Cream. finish crack on body top from output jack screw to end of body. impossible to photograph but visible to the naked eye. SAVE $150! Reg Price $579 SALE PRICE $429

Eastwood GP Left-hand. LAST ONE! In-store demo model, MINT. SAVE $200 Reg Price $749 SALE PRICE $549

Eastwood Astrojet DLX Red, minor paint overspray on fret binding. Barely visible. SAVE $150 Reg Price $599 SALE PRICE $449

Airline 2P Sahara Blue, in-store demo, MINT condition. SAVE $150 Reg Price $749 SALE PRICE $599

Eastwood Marksman 5, includes case, in-store demo model used at trade show, minor scratches SAVE $200 Reg Price $999 SALE PRICE $799

Airline Tuxedo Sunburst with very Minor scratch on neck back. Barely visible. SAVE $180 Reg Price $879 SALE PRICE $699

Airline Bighorn Red. Small glue blobs on headstock SAVE $90 Reg Price $469 SALE PRICE $379

Saturn ’63 Sunburst. In-Store demo model, light pickguard wear, Save $200! Price : $879 Only: $679

Airline Bighorn Sunburst. In store DEMO minor scratches, barely visible. SAVE $120 Reg Price $469 SALE PRICE $349

Eastwood Ichiban Black, in-store demo model with scratches on back Save $150! Price : $749 Only: $599

Warehouse clearance, signed by Pete Shelley – Signature model, guitar only, no case, no candy, Save $760! Price : $999 Only: $239

Airline ’59 3P G.Love Black and Blue, in-store demo model, MINT, includes case, Save $250! Price : $1199 Only: $949

Hi-Flyer Bass White, paint chip on front next to bridge cover, email for photos,, Save $200! Price : $469 Only: $269

MACH II Ramones model, minor finish blemishes along edge of fretboard, Save $150! Price : $749 Only: $599

Airline Tri-Tone Black, in-store demo, minor wear on p/g Save $150! Price : $749 Only: $599