Eastwood Sidejack Baritones are Back in Stock!

Eastwood Sidejack Baritone DLX

Eastwood Sidejack Baritone DLX

This has quickly become one of Eastwood’s top selling models. Why? Simply put, you need one of these in your recording arsenal. Check out this comprehensive Baritone demo that covers a lot of ground through Guitar Rig 4 and you’ll get the idea::

Next? Here is a track from Richard Hawley playing “I’m Waiting For The Man” highlighting the Sidejack Baritone on stage:

So, for under $500 with or without tremolo, sooner or later you’ll need one of these…

Sidejack Baritone STD (Stop Tail) $429


Sidejack Baritone DLX (Tremolo) $469



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