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Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Is there an Eastwood or Airline guitar you’ve always wanted but in a different color? Different hardware? Or perhaps a left-hand model of something that is only available in right-hand? Well now it may be possible to have whatever you want. Read on…

Earlier this year a customer came to us asking for a custom shop guitar. He wanted an Airline MAP guitar, but he wanted it with gold hardware, gold switchplate and gold pickguard. Our standard reply was, “Any time we introduce a new color/model, our factory has to make a minimum of 8 pcs, so if you want to buy 8 of them, we’ll do it”. Typically at this point the customer will say, “Oh, I guess that’s out of the question then”.

But this customer was different. He said, “I’m willing to pay a LOT more for this, so name your price and let’s get it done!”. That got me thinking. I liked his concept of the gold hardware MAP model and I thought it would appeal to some of our existing customers, but did not want to make 8 of them only to sell just one. So I went back to him and suggested the following arrangement:

  1. Send us deposit of $3,000 to commit to the order, and within 3-6 months, the 8 custom guitars will be completed.
  2. Once complete, we send him his one guitar.
  3. Then we offer the next 7 guitars at $999 each (including hardshell case) to our customers via www.myrareguitars.com
  4. Once we have sold 4 of them, we refund $2001 back to him, making his cost on the custom guitar of his design only $999.

He agreed, and here is the guitar (sorry, they SOLD OUT within the first week!!).

So if there is something you are looking for that we do not currently make, send me an email and we can talk about it: michael@myrareguitars.com

More pictures of the Airline Map in black:

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)

Airline Map Electric Guitar (Custom Color: Black)


  1. JPL says

    OK . . . left handed Bass VI, metallic margarita green with a purple pickguard. The Gammacaster! WHO’S WITH ME?

  2. Doug says

    Cool idea! I love when small business owners come up with creative solutions like this. And it’s a very cool guitar!

  3. bertram says

    I dream of a sidejack baritone DLX in black finish and chrome hardware but I don’t have 3000 $…

  4. jb says

    I really really love this idea! It makes me wish I had a little extra $ to spend right now. Keep thinking outside of the box, putting customers first, and cranking out awesome instruments!!!

  5. Ian Kinzel says

    I’ve been interested in either a Supro Dual Tone, Airline Twin Tone, or Airline H44 Dlx, but with the bridge/tremolo system of the Ichiban or Sidejack Dlx.

  6. Mike Robinson says

    we can put a BIGSBY on the Supro or the Twin tone. But the Jazzmaster style tremolo would create a new model, hence the $3,000 deposit model…

  7. says

    I would love see the 59 Town and Country with knobs in on the bottom. Ive been thinking about getting a lefty and flipping it so the knobs are on the bottom. Being right handed personally I’d love if the knobs were on the bottom, as I need my left hand to play the neck and would prefer not to reach up and over the strings with my right. -JMS

  8. Alan Brown says


    Are you going to do another run of these black Maps with gold hardware? I would be interested.



  9. Hugo Latorre says

    Hi, I bought one of those custom guitars by Ebay, but my guitar just have a serial code in the back. Oposite to others custom Airline Map that says for example “1-8″ (one of eight guitars)
    Why is that?


  10. Mike Robinson says

    Some guitars are “custom”, which means different colors or options. Some are “Limited Edition”, which means only a limited amount are made of them.

  11. Rikk says

    I wonder of anybody would want a different color tenor? Not sure if they are hot sellers. A candy apple red, sea foam green might be cool for that.

  12. Matt says

    I am the one who thought of the guitar. Mike was great to work with on it and I have had great feedback on it. I am glad it sold so quick!

  13. Mike Newberry says

    For some reson can’t get through on that number. What I wanted to know is if I can get the 2pdlx vintage reissue Eastwood in Seafoam green with a wtite pick guard and wihte buttons and chrome keys and a Bigsby with out killig me on money.

  14. Mike Newberry says

    Thank you very much.I like your guitars I think I am going to go with the Airline map in the seafoam.If I had that kind of money I would do to in heart beat. Thank You for your time Mike N.

  15. Ed Seagraves says

    Suggestion for new model: a thin-line, single Florentine cutaway, similar to Epiphone Sorrento or Dearmond Starfire Special. Or double cutaway like Eko Florentine.
    I’m the happy owner of an Eastwood Doral (my fave) and Supro Coronado, both lefty.
    Thanks, Mike.

  16. Mike Robinson says

    I think Epiphone is doing the Sorrento already (soon) and likely made in China. What about the Gretsch Super Axe without all the on-board stuff?

  17. Ed Seagraves says

    Super Axe type would be cool, too. P90s or those coil-tapped humbuckers like you put on the Doral! Better still: HiLoTron single coil type. Am I the only player who loves the sound of HiLoTrons?!

  18. Hugues says

    If one day, Airline decide to do a Natural Airline batch, I’ll be the first one to put my hand on one of it!

  19. Charles says

    Hi Mike:
    I was hoping that back in 2013 you would come out with the Airline Pocket Bass. Please bring it back to life. It was a really sweet little bass.

  20. Mick says

    Such a great idea! Maybe you could offer a way for people to pool the money too.

    How about a clear coated pine wood tenor with two single coils and black guard? Optional black headstock and I’m guessing a tremolo would be too much to ask for a four-string instrument, right?

  21. says

    Definitely interested. Lefty stuff…. Bass IV in black, hardtail. Maybe a Hi Flyer bass in black.
    Lefty P-90 special….

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