George Harrison Gretsch Duo Jet G6128T-GH Tribute Guitar

George Harrison and his Gretsch G6128T Duo Jet guitar

If you somehow missed this story at Winter NAMM 2011…well…it’s time you heard about the George Harrison Tribute Duo Jet from Gretsch Guitars. They have made one of the most awesome replica guitars you’ll ever see. It is limited to a run of 60, and it will be available in May 2011 with an MSRP of $20,000.

Hair Bands, Soviet Russia & the 1989 Kramer Gorky Park Electric Guitar

1989 Kramer Gorky Park Electric Guitar

Behind every guitar there’s some sort of story, but they usually aren’t as rich as the one behind the Kramer Gorky Park seen here! Not only was this guitar associated with one of the big flash-in-the-pan pop metal bands of the late 1980s, it symbolically and almost literally marked the end of Kramer, as the largest guitar company in the world was crumbling just like the Iron Curtain!

Airline Sighting On Dancing With The Stars?

Airline Sighting on Dancing With the Stars?

I completely do not understand this show. Really. Sorry. But when a bunch of customers alert me to this airing, I just have to step back and say, “WTF?!” Yes, I admit, I am a fan of Heart – and have many high school memories of their songs, including their mega-hit, ‘Barracuda’. But I never expected to see the opening riff cranked out by Heart frontman Craig Bartock on an Airline ’59 Custom Town & Country guitar.

Two Guitar Bands

Richard Hell & the Voidoids on stage at CBGB in 1976

There is nothing quite a great two-guitar rock and roll band. By this, I don’t mean just any band where one guitar strums rhythm, while another player does the lead, but a band where the two guitars work together so symbiotically, they become almost a single great instrument in the band. When two guitar players are truly locked in, the give and take creates a tension that just doesn’t, can’t, happen when there’s only one guitar player.