Tips on Tones – Issue 8


Every guitar player can remember the day they brought home or were given their very first instrument. We can remember the excitement, the mystery, and the intrigue that came with setting the guitar on our lap, cranking the amp up to eleven, and making our parents wish we preferred to play croquet. That is, we […]

Tips on Tones – Issue 7


When you look at a wall of guitars all built by the same manufacturer, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between models. (Eastwood guitars would be one notable exception!)   Companies like Fender, Gibson or PRS tend to offer few body stylings, but more color palettes or electronic setups. The cool thing is that […]

Vincent’s Guitar Workshop – Issue 6


If you’ve been following along with my articles, you’ll know that I’m not such a big fan of fret buzz. Then again, who is? Last time, I talked about how to deal with minor fret issues that could cause buzz from one or two frets. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes necessary to have to do an entire […]

Tips on Tones – Issue 4

Fender Deluxe Amplifier

I’ve always found that when it comes to having talks with other guitarists about tone, the conversation inevitably stays within the realm of “the guitar”. It always seems there’s an unsung hero playing on the tone team that just doesn’t get the credit where it’s due. I am talking of course about that box that […]