NEW Airline ’59 Newport features PIEZO Bridge Pickup


Intruducing the new Airline NEWPORT. It is Eastwood’s take on the rare National Newport Val-Pro 88 from the late 50′s and early 60′s. It features two NY Mini Humbuckers and a Piezo pickup in the bridge with a 5-way swtich. Tones of tonal variations! Available in Black or Seafoam Green.

Only $1099, hardshell case included. Shipping TODAY, so don’t wait too long to pull the trigger.

choose Color:


Available in Black or Seafoam Green, Bigsby Optional

Body: Tone Chambered Mahogany
Neck: Maple, Bolt-on
Fingerboard: Maple, Sharks Tooth Fret Markers
Scale Length: 24 3/4″ Scale, Zero Fret
Width at Nut: 1 5/8″
Pickups: Dual NY Mini Humbuckers, Piezo Bridge
Switching: 5-way
Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone for each pickup, master volume
Bridge: Tun-o-matic
Hardware: Grover Style Nickel/Chrome
Strings: D’Addario #10
Unique Features: Rubber body binding, Piezo bridge pickup

More pictures:

newportSFG550-1 newportBLK550-4 newportBLK550-6 newportBLK550-3 newportBLK550-2 newportSFG550-6 newportSFG550-4 newportSFG550-2 newportBLK550-9 newportBLK550-1 newportSFG550-3 newportBLK550-8 newportBLK550-7 newportBLK550-5 newportSFG550-5


  1. chris Kember says

    Mike, you’re brilliant. Please don’t ever stop making these guitars. Just bought a Sidejack and of my 17 guitars, it’s my favourite.


  2. Glenn says

    I want one of these Map guitars SO much! Especially without the Bigsby. But with Christmas coming there’s no way I can purchase one now. I do hope this model will continue to be made. I’ve actually had dreams of playing one of these guitars!!!

  3. Jovy says

    I recently got this guitar in Sea Foam Green. It’s a very versatile guitar. In my opinion this guitar embodies a Map, Supro, and the 3P together. An all in one guitar…..- Frankenstein of Airline Guitars- Probably, I urge you guys to save, and sell your body to science – just kidding! But, really consider this guitar. I prefer to keep it as studio and if you want to go gigging with it you might as well buy two! Compare to Piezo combinations of a Music Man John Petrucci’s almost $2K and 3K and PRS guitars P22′s $2K or even $5K. $1K is not a bad deal! I’m glad you put this guitar out. I’m waiting for the Blue Metallic and White.

  4. Tiago Santos says

    I love that guitar in sea foam green, could you show some pictures of this whit a bigsby please? Thank you

  5. bert says

    I was wondering what al the knobs do to the tone? I realize they must shape the tone but in what way? Are they like an EQ directly on the guitar?

  6. Tiago Santos says

    Love this guitar but the glenwood 99 style with a bigsby and a piezo pickup would be perfect!

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