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New Airline MAP Baritone – 27″ Scale – B to B Tuning


New Airline MAP Baritone – 27″ Scale – B to B Tuning



STD model with Stop Tail only $779

DLX model with Bigsby only $899

(optional hardshell case $99. VAT extra for UK and EU).

Choose One:


Body: Tone Chambered Mahogany
Neck: Maple, Bolt-on
Fingerboard: Rosewood, Block Markers
Scale Length: 27″, 22 frets
Width at Nut: 1 11/16″
Pickups: Dual Humbuckers
Switching: 3-way Vintage Tone Control
Controls: 1 Volume, 2 Tone
Bridge: Tun-o-matic Roller Bridge, Bigsby B-50
Hardware: Grover Style Nickel/Chrome
Strings: 13-62
Case: extra
Unique Features: Tone Chambered Mahogany Body

More pictures:

MAPbariDLX3-550 MAPbariDLX4-550 MAPbariDLX5-550 MAPbariDLX6-550 MAPbariDLX2-550

Here are some photos of the STD Stop Tail model:

MAP-baritone-std-green5550 MAP-baritone-std-green4550 MAP-baritone-std-green3550 MAP-baritone-std-green2550 MAP-baritone-std-green1550 MAP-baritone-std-green6550



For comparison, here is the Baritone model next to the standard 24 3/4″ scale guitar. You can see the bridge is further back on the body and the overall neck length is longer, but the body size/shape is identical. The Baritone model is extremely well balanced and will add a new dimension to your playing, tuned B-B. Enjoy!MAPbariDLX7-550 MAPbariDLX8-550 MAPbariDLX9-550


Mike Robinson

15 thoughts on “New Airline MAP Baritone – 27″ Scale – B to B Tuning

richPosted on  2:46 pm - Nov 1, 2013

Any other colors besides Surf Green?

Bob RyanPosted on  3:51 pm - Nov 1, 2013

Does it come in Black or Sunburst, or only the green as shown?
I”m very interested in one but don’t care for the green

Bob Ryan

Mike RobinsonPosted on  4:13 pm - Nov 1, 2013

Hi Bob,

This was a custom order, so we only made 8 stop tail, 8 bigsby. We can only make an 8 minimum in ONE color. Sorry!

Ken JanssenPosted on  9:34 am - Nov 18, 2013

Left handed? The only baritone I can find as a lefty is the Sidejack. The Map is WAY more cool.

Bob RyanPosted on  6:05 pm - Dec 2, 2013

WEll I have to say that yes, the Map is much cooler than the Sidejack. But I’d want it in black or sunburst. Maybe this will be a regular production guitar?

MKPosted on  12:38 pm - Dec 6, 2013

this guitar as shown, is perfect…..i will say no more!

Txarlie SolanoPosted on  6:47 am - Dec 7, 2013

As a heavy fan, and proudly owner, of Airline guitars I’m really excited about the existance of new baritone models. This MAP baritone in Surf Green looks beautiful, but in that sunburst option it’ll be SO GREAT!! Do you have future plans for new baritone models or new runs of this one in other colours? Many thanks.

OlivierPosted on  2:57 pm - Dec 17, 2013

I’m really interested ! What is the price for a shipping to France (EU) and additional taxes ?
Thanks guys !

Shice SquadPosted on  2:09 pm - Dec 26, 2013

Any left? This is a must-have item for Shice Squad – the only Eastwood baritone we don’t have yet (preferably stop tail).

steven w houghPosted on  7:35 am - Jan 7, 2014

i own one of these. the color is not common so its an eye catcher. played with a vintage fender or vox amp with spring reverb it has an exciting vibe. i’ve had no problems with tuning with the bigsby. arrived set up nicely with no buzzing which is common in baritones. i would purchase again with no regrets as the quality is there for the price point.

Lucas GabrielPosted on  1:18 pm - Feb 27, 2014

Hello! If I ship to Brazil, it will need a HardCase, right? But, where I choose that I want one?

james cPosted on  8:48 am - Mar 28, 2014

Hi Guys,

Do you have any of the seafoam DLX’s left?

Many thanks,


Mike RobinsonPosted on  11:19 am - Mar 29, 2014

out of stock, more coming in 4-6 weeks. You can pre-order at http://www.eastwoodguitars.com

mayPosted on  8:22 am - Jan 19, 2016

Is this guitar the same as Enon Kawatani’s ?
Enon Kawatani is a vocalist of a Japanese band “Gesu no Kiwami Otome”, and he told in his interview that he got this guitar from Mr. Mike Robinson.
You can check the guitar in the band’s video clip “Otona-tic” as shown below:


Shice SquadPosted on  3:59 pm - Apr 5, 2016

At first, I didn’t care for the surf green either. “If only they made it in black,” I thought. But then reason hit me and I realized green was the way to go – the outrageous colour only complements the outrageous shape. Anyway, I’ve got the hard tail model and I couldn’t be happier with it. Fit and finish are top-notch and the playability is real smooth.

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