TWO New AIRLINE Single Pickup Models – $549 DLX and $899 ’59 Custom

AIRLINE delivers TWO new Single Pickup Models – 1P DLX $549 and the ’59 Custom $899. The original Airline’s were made of Res-O-Glas and had a floating bridge. Eastwood has upgraded the design to a tone-chambered mahogany body / fixed bridge and reduced the signal path to a single pickup/volume control, allowing for crystal clear roll off tones to full on power crunch.

FREE SHIPPING until October 31.

Eastwood Airline 1P DLX Electric Guitar

Eastwood Airline 1P DLX Electric Guitar

Airline 1P DLX – $549 – Features tone-chambered mahogany body, bolt-on maple neck. Single Alnico HOT-10 Humbucker (case extra).

Or upgrade to the new Airline ’59 Custom 1P…

Eastwood Airline '59 Custom 1P Electric Guitar

Eastwood Airline '59 Custom 1P Electric Guitar

Airline ’59 Custom 1P – $899 – Adds the Airline Vintage Voiced Single Coil pickup, striped pickguard, rubber body binding, Tone Pro’s Bridge, Wilkinson tuners, and the Airline DLX hardshell case.

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  1. says

    That sounds exactly how I hoped it would. Thanks again to the excellent RJ Ronquillo who never fails to get my heart-rate elevated.
    I would, however, really miss having a tone knob.

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