1960’s Silvertone Mosrite Guitar (Back Catalog Memories)

Vintage 1960's Silvertone Mosrite Electric Guitar

With the popularity of surf bands – especially The Ventures – taking hold in the late 1960’s, Mosrite guitars started gaining traction. Soon there were many knockoffs coming from Japan, these two with the Silvertone brand. It was a simple, solid body design, with the Mosrite body shape and featuring the slanted pickup mount. But […]

Back Catalog Memories: Blueburst Mosrite, Ventures Model

Mosrite Electric Guitar, The Ventures Model (Blueburst Finish)

It wasn’t long after we moved back to Toronto from California that I acquired this guitar. You have to understand – I’ve bought and sold more guitars in the past 20 years than there are Beatles fans in Liverpool. When you are in the business of buying/selling guitars, you simply cannot afford to get attached to them. Yes, it is hard some times, but in the end this is what pays the bills, so you have to let them go.