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The Ridiculously Comfortable Eastwood Breadwinner

Slow Static's Matt Plummer with his Eastwood Breadwinner Guitar at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The Ridiculously Comfortable Eastwood Breadwinner

One of our “not-so-best-selling” models is the Breadwinner. We made a replica of this guitar some years back just because it was always one of my favorites, and is stupid comfortable to play. No other guitar on the planet seems so ergonomically correct like this one does. So we keep it in production, because every now and again someone else will stumble upon its design brilliance. In fact, last month I got a letter from a customer – Matt Plummer – that I thought I would share with you. Here is Matt in his own words:

Slow Static's Matt Plummer with his Eastwood Breadwinner Guitar at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Slow Static's Matt Plummer with his Eastwood Breadwinner Guitar at Dallas Cowboys Stadium


I just wanted to email Eastwood and say that buying an Eastwood Breadwinner was the best decision I have ever made. I have muscular dystrophy and am unable to stand or walk. I use an electric wheelchair for mobility and have been playing guitar for 8 years. One year ago, give or take, I came across the Breadwinner and thought to myself that it would be a perfect guitar for me because of the body style. Having to sit down and play made most guitars uncomfortable for me. I had the toughest time finding something that had that perfect fit. When I finally gave in and bought the guitar my mind was blown at how easily I was able to play it while sitting.

It opened up so many new things for me musically and physically. I now play quite often in a band of my own, Slow Static. This guitar, its shape, and lightness made playing guitar easier for me which, in turn, allowed me to expand my own musical ability. I play a style instrumental, cinematic, ambient music with my band. We have had the opportunity to play with many national acts such as Jeff the Brotherhood, Touche’ Amore, and many others. Also, we had the opportunity to play a show at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium this past spring which was an amazing experience for me. So if it hadn’t happened already Eastwood officially had someone play one of their guitars in that huge stadium! Haha.

Slow Static's Matt Plummer with his Eastwood Breadwinner Guitar at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Slow Static's Matt Plummer with his Eastwood Breadwinner Guitar at Dallas Cowboys Stadium

I just wanted to let you know that this guitar has opened up so much for me personally. We are recording our first album and I’m excited for what the future holds. Rest assured that I will always be playing music on my breadwinner. I don’t think any other guitar would do. I’m definitely saving up for another Breadwinner in the near future! Thank you and to the rest of the company. It might sound a little cheesy but that guitar has officially changed my life.


Matt Plummer

Mike Robinson

9 thoughts on “The Ridiculously Comfortable Eastwood Breadwinner

RandylandPosted on  6:39 pm - Jul 6, 2012

I tried one of the original Ovation Breadwinners when they first came out and it was indeed one of the best designs ever. It’s often overlooked that the body has a lot to do with ease of play, It took me a while to realize it wasn’t all in the neck. I don’t know why they didn’t take off but now that the Eastwood is out, maybe they’ll have a second chance. Very smart design.

Mike RobinsonPosted on  9:05 am - Jul 7, 2012


a great article about the Breadwinner.
Yes I always knew that they were comfortable to play, especially sitting. They had this Klein guitar, but it was too much money, and did not look as good as the breawinner.So this is the one by which all others must be measured. I had a deacon by Ovation. It had cheap plastic tuner enclosures. The bridge was also plastic. So you made some improvements. I now own a black tremolo Breadwinner by Eastwood, and it made my day. I would have liked to see more color selection, but if the guitar is not a seller, than you have to stick to basics.Someday people will get it. You almost have to pick one up and play it to realize how good they are.
Larry smiley

RichPosted on  10:43 am - Jul 8, 2012

Nice article on the Breadwinner.
I’ve had one now for almost 3 years and all I can say is . ..

MylesPosted on  7:18 pm - Jul 8, 2012

I remember the Ads in Guitar Player for the Ovation Breadwinner in the ’70s. Being a lefty, I figured they probably wouldn’t have one for me, so I moved on.
Thirty plus years later, along comes the Eastwood Breadwinner, and they made them for lefties. When I purchased mine, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. What a neck! It’s about the most playable guitar I’ve ever owned. It’s hard to believe that these aren’t huge sellers.
The only nit-pick: The volume pot is either all or nothing. Since I’m not in a band, this is no big deal. But if you’re on stage, it would be good to have a volume knob that actually changes the volume.
Thanks, Eastwood. Oh, I also own an Eastwood Sidejack. Another winner!

StevePosted on  12:43 pm - Jul 9, 2012

I remember the Ovation electrics from the 70’s, and they really did have some weird designs. But they were never weird for weirdness’ sake, like the awful guitars they make for Metal players. There was a reason for the shapes and materials (was it the Preacher that had a plastic body?). Just another guitar to regret not buying when you could pick up a use one for $100! (This comes from a guy who scored a Guild S-100 for $85 in the mid 80’s, so I know what I’m talking about!)

JeffPosted on  4:50 pm - Jul 23, 2012

I would love to have a lefty one of these!!!!!
I like white but other colours would be great, like a psychedelic purple

RoscoePosted on  12:18 pm - Aug 10, 2012

Quite simply, my eastwood breadwinner is an exeptional instrument. The comfort is unmatched, but it is that 24 fret absolutely Intoxicating neck that makes it for me. There is not one Buzz, hard to reack note, and the action is as good as it gets. This is also a sturdy guitar. I have dropped mine, played it in horrible conditions, checked it in baggage (it definately wont fit in the overhead compartment), and never had to do even the slightest maintinance besides the old “tighten everything every weekend”. I like the Ichiban the best, but you cannot go wrong with the Breadwinner.

Deborah FrostPosted on  7:30 am - Nov 18, 2013

Matt’s comments made my day. Thanks for sharing!

JovyPosted on  3:47 pm - Nov 29, 2013

I recently purchased a Bread Winner, and this is the most ergonomically correct guitar I had ever played. It’s fast, stays in tune and most importantly the sound oh so good! Please do not stop production of this guitar.

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