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Valco Effects Pedals Now Shipping!

Valco Effects Pedals Now Shipping!

Last week VALCO launched their new line of TRUE-BYPASS effects pedals. VALCO is raising the bar in quality while lowering the bar on price and we are please to be offering them here at Myrareguitars.com. We’ve put together some bundled price packages that are too good to pass up. First, when you buy any THREE pedals for only $250, we will throw in the BLACK HOLE (Phaser) or GOOD VIBRATIONS (Tremolo) for FREE. Second, bundle all 6 pedals for only $400, and also get a BODY GLOVE Pedal Gig-bag (value $29) for FREE. This offer is only available for existing stock, so don’t delay!

Valco Under Pressure Guitar Pedal

Under Pressure [$69 USD]

Valco Black Hole Guitar Pedal

Black Hole [$69 USD]

Valco Come Again? Guitar Pedal

Come Again? [$79 USD]

Valco Good Vibrations Guitar Pedal

Good Vibrations [$69 USD]

Valco The Stooge Guitar Pedal

The Stooge [$89 USD]

Valco Vaughnabe Tubescreamer Guitar Pedal

Vaughnabe [$79 USD]

To order the THREE PACK bundle for $250:

Enter 3 choices + 4th FREE

To order the SIX PACK Bundle for $400:

Check out these video samples:

Mike Robinson

3 thoughts on “Valco Effects Pedals Now Shipping!

HelgePosted on  2:36 pm - Dec 6, 2010

That overdrive sounds great. And the come again sounds like a must to the pedalpark. Look forward to really trying em out! Thank you

John GruberPosted on  10:38 pm - Dec 15, 2010

Can the octave up on the stooge be operated separately from the fuzz? Thanks.

CraigPosted on  4:07 pm - Jan 7, 2011

Just discovered these in an email link, thanks. Very impressed with the Stooge and the Black Hole too. Very nice. How can the shoe not be included?

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