From the Mailbag (August 2011)

“Man, that Airline Bighorn goes with fuzz like chocolate and peanut butter! I need one to go with my vintage T&C!” — MFR

“I’ve been playing the 3 humbucker Leone Limited Edition live continuosly and man, what a guitar! If you remember, I bought two of the humbucker model and one P-90 model. My favourite is the humbucker model and it has turned out to be an exceptional axe. Everywhere I play musicians freak out with the looks, the feel (this neck is beautiful!) and the sound of this guitar. This Eastwood with a Fender amp is an unbeatable combination. Thanks, Mike! I hope Eastwood’s star continues to rise, for it deserves it. Keep up the excellent work! Saludos from the Caribbean,” — Rafi Alvarez

“Just wanted you to know that I got the electric tenor! WOW!!!! What a fine instrument!!!! Exceeds my expectations!!!!!! Great sound and great finish!!! thank you!!!” — Geoff

“I just received my Cherry Warren Ellis Tenor. Thanks so much. It is awesome!” — Jack Reilly

“Love it Love it Love it! Thanks so much for this Airline Map Bass. It is exactly as I imagined. I’m going to put some flats on it and settle in with it for a couple of weeks before I do a review.” — Paul Reich

“Just a note of appreciation to say my green Sidejack landed safe and 6 days ahead of schedule..plays, sounds and looks FANTASTIC, what VALUE!…couldn’t be happier with this instrument and Eastwood’s (and yourself) service and followup…sounds punk as (in the best possible way!)through my Fender twin Reverb 185…Happy Daze!! …thanks again mate.” — Paul Hine

“Just received the mandola. it was WELL WORTH the wait. From the age of 11 I have played the viola, and I’ve been waiting 25 yrs for an electric mandola to hit the market. Many thanks!!! I’ll be sure to post on mando-cafe and others as I give it a workout at gigs/etc. Have a great day!” — Patrick Daly

“I received the mandola yesterday with the case and delay pedal. Thank you so much! I am truly happy with the instrument. It sounds great, and the pedal is perfect. I will certainly spread the word about the your service as well as the quality of product. I will be returning soon, I think to get the tenor guitar instead of the mandocaster. Again, thank you kindly, it will receive lots of use, love, and exposure.” — Drew Hays

“Got the instrument today. Wow. It’s everything i hoped it would be! Nice action, very playable, less finger pileup than a mandolin and sounds utterly sweet through an amp. Thanks to you and your company for making it.” — Simon

“It’s John Crown here … I just wanted to write to say how much I enjoy the Eastwood Classic 6 I bought from you a year and a half ago. I’m currently working on a TV project that requires vintage Liverpool type sounds from the 60’s and this guitar is the perfect fit. The mini humbuckers are so clear and detailed and balanced with just the right amount of compression. The guitar plays as easily as when I first got it, nice low action without buzzing. Anyway, that’s all … it’s just a great great guitar” — John in Peterborough.

“Just to let you know. I bought an Eastwood Hy Flyer bass guitar, and I LOVE IT. It is the best sounding bass I have ever played. I was playing Fender Mustang, Reissue, in 2000, I thought it couldn’t get any better. BUT, it did with the HY FLYER.. The only thing I did was put on a set of Fender nylon tape wound strings, which I do to all bass guitars I own. I have let other people play it and they fell in love to. It has an incredible bass sound. I play through a Gen Betz Shuttle amp. Did I say I love it. I DO.” — Walt

“Hey Mike thanks for the Classic 12 Fireburst guitar – I’m using in the book! It blows away a Rick! Great job!” — Brian Tarquin, BHP Music, Ltd. []

Brian Tarquin (BHP Music) with his Eastwood Classic 12 Fireburst 12-string

Brian Tarquin (BHP Music) with his Eastwood Classic 12 Fireburst 12-string