Dealer Profile: Guitars & Amps (The Netherlands)

Guitars & Amps was founded by Matthijs Gaspar and René Rutten, both seasoned and passionate guitar players. Together we have a history of over 30 years in the music industry: 13 years in the musical instrument retail, wholesale and import business (Matthijs) and 18 years as performing artist (The Gathering), producer and record label owner (René). Thanks to this long experience we know the back and front of the industry, so we can provide you with detailed information and expert technical advice. We understand the needs, wants and problems of guitar players, also when it comes to live performances, tours, recordings etc. From one guitar player to another, we promise you quality, know-how, honest advice and value for money. Come and see for yourself: one handshake is worth a thousand words!

Guitars & Amps store (The Netherlands)

Guitars & Amps store (The Netherlands)

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a professional artist, you will find our shop packed with high-value musical instruments and accessories, carefully chosen from the worlds leading suppliers and manufacturers.

Of course we have the big names in store like Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, PRS, Ovation, Takamine and Taylor. We also stock guitars from quality brands like Larrivée, Furch, Jackson, Schecter, Framus, Duesenberg and the one and only Nik Huber. In addition, we keep an eye on new and interesting developments on our visits to international trade shows (Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt). There, for instance, we spotted up-and-coming brand Eastwood from Canada: professional quality guitars at a very affordable price. Another brand we took on board is Spear Guitars, who also absolutely amazed us with their great value for money.

We also stock the best in amplifiers, effects and audio solutions. You will find a great selection of Koch, Marshall, Vox, Bogner, Mesa Boogie, Brunetti, Orange, Hiwatt, Fender and Blackstar amps, to name a few, and cool effect pedals from brands like Dunlop, Vox, Ernie Ball, Fender, RMC, Fulltone, Voodoo Lab, Z-Vex, T-Rex, MI Audio, Visual Sound, Emma, Toadworks, Blackstar, Maxon, Lehle, Love Pedal, Menatone, Mad Professor etc. You’re welcome to take your time and test anything and everything in our separate test rooms. After all, nothing is more personal than tone.

Guitars & Amps
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