New Limited Edition ’59 Airline Manhattan 2P LTD Guitar

Vintage Car Illustrations Inspire New Series of Limited Edition Airline Guitars

For years many of the naming and color schemes found in vintage guitars can also be found in the vintage automobile market. Last year while surfing the net for new color ideas, I stumbled upon a fantastic blog from Rickworks that features illustrations of the some of the finest classic cars ever to rule the road.

The Airline ’59 series has a unique rubber binding around the perimiter of each guitar, so this offers us the unique opportunity to have a two-tone color scheme on the front and back. We’ve decided to produce an exclusive limited edition series – only 24 of each model – that will be inspired from the Richworks blog. The second in the series is the “Airline Manhattan”. Here is a photo of the 1954 Kaiser Manhattan:


Below are some photos of the guitar. Each will include an Airline DLX hardshell case and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. We will release only one new “59 Two-Tone” model each year, so grab your collectable guitar now! The manhattan is only $999 including DLX Form-Fit Airline Tweed case (optional Bigsby B-50 add $139)

Pictures of the Airline Manhattan:




air2pmanhattan11 air2pmanhattan7 air2pmanhattan6 air2pmanhattan5 air2pmanhattan8 air2pmanhattan9 air2pmanhattan10


Take a look at the other car images in this fantastic blog from Rickworks and let me know which one you think we should do next!