Thayrone’s Call For Music

Thayrone has asked me to ask our newsletter subscribers to get their CD’s to him – NOW! This is your chance to get your music heard.

Thayrone Coolarity Radio - Listen Now!

Thayrone Coolarity Radio - Listen Now!

Mail your CD today to:

Coolarity Radio, INC.
The Bone Conduction Music Show
P.O. Box 970389

You can email Thayrone directly

A message from Thayrone…

Hello. If you are not aware of The Bone Conduction Music Show you should be. I started doing the show in January of 1984 and have kept it alive and well ever since. It’s been an uphill struggle but I’m up to the task. My show is ALL ABOUT the music. It’s not about program directors, corporate weasels, media consultants (they are the worst!) or guys with perfect hair and $3,000 suits that control what passes for the ‘entertainment’ industry. Musicians and labels respect what I do. They know that I’ll play their music. Major label players and independents as well are almost completely ignored by main stream radio. The only thing that gets airplay is what the specious crew listed above thinks will be a ‘hit’. To them it’s all form over content.

I don’t work like that. I play it all. I get a CD and I play almost every track off of it. All it has to do is rock…and that is the case more often than not. My criterion: make my blood boil and you are on the air. It ain’t that hard to do. Musicians know that folks will hit their sites and **buy** their CDs after they’ve been heard on The Bone Conduction Music Show, which is heard on stations around the US and all over the world via COOLARITY RADIO on the web. Again, it’s all about the music on The Bone Conduction Music Show. That is never the case with most FM and AM radio…

FM and AM terrestrial radio is on one end of the broadcast spectrum very boring, tightly formatted, repetitious, disposable drivel. On the other end of the spectrum it is more often than not academic, pretentious, politically correct, extremely tedious ‘culture’. At both ends of the spectrum squares rule. I state this without malice–it is just a fact of our times. The Bone Conduction Music Show stands firmly against the squares that rule radio and the lame pseudo ‘radio’ culture’ that breeds them.

Won’t you join us in the fight to do good radio? Get us your music. Send your CDs to:

P.O. BOX 970389

The intro to my show says it all, ‘…Wig-singeing rock, hip-shakin’ soul music, and industrial strength rhythm and blues!’ It’s The Blues Work of The Lord, baby! Join the good fight and get me your music. I look forward to making your acquaintance and spinning your tunes. In the meantime, *DO* check out the playlists on the PLAYLIST page on my site and *DO* check out the show for yourself. And *DO* get the word out. Link our site to your site, if you have one. And tell everybody you know to check out the show of shows, The Bone Conduction Music Show.

You’d be insane to be any place else,

Thayrone X
The Bone Conduction Music Show