The Demi Show Shred Clip On An Eastwood GP Guitar


Last month I was alerted to someone shredding on an AIRLINE MAP Guitar. Although cool, it just seemed weird to me. Beautiful, but weird. After a few days I noticed I was putting my shoes on the wrong feet, driving on the wrong side of the road, and leaving the toilet seat up. Something was wrong. So I contacted Demi Barbito and asked him to clear my mind by shredding on one of the few models I felt shred-worthy in the Eastwood lineup – the Eastwood GP. He obliged, now all seems right again:

If you missed the first one on the AIRLINE MAP, here it is. But be warned, you’ll have to watch the Eastwood GP video again before operating heavy equipment:

Please drop a line to Demi and say hello, he is a pure talent, here is another example: