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YouTube Your Eastwood (December 2012)


YouTube Your Eastwood (December 2012)

Vince Lee – Airline Catalina

Richard Hawley – Sidejack Baritone DLX

Crazy Aces – Sidejack BASS VI

Emma Lee – Airline 3P DLX

Lewin Barringer – Mandocaster

Lewin Barringer – Joey Leone Superfast

Marco Gervais and his dog – Eastwood Messenger

Githead – Colin Newman – Airline MAP

Frederic Voleon – Airline Folkstar

Jack Mazzenga – Eastwood Mandocaster

Mike Robinson

One thought on “YouTube Your Eastwood (December 2012)

MbbsPosted on  3:07 am - Aug 23, 2015

We have vintage ones from time to time and have been wnkoirg on having some all the time. We currently have two vintage ones in stock, one is wood and is available (on etsy here: ). The other is metal and I need to get it listed!

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