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Eastwood Guitars UK: Now Up & Running in Liverpool

Eastwood Guitars UK: Now Up & Running in Liverpool

Eastwood Guitars announces the opening of Eastwood Guitars UK. Based in Liverpool, the facility will provide complete warehousing, distribution and set up of all Eastwood and Airline guitars for the UK market. In addition, to facilitate the growing demand for Eastwood and Airline products throughout the United Kingdom, Eastwood has launched www.eastwoodguitars.co.uk. This new website now offers the complete Eastwood catalogue of products shipping directly from the new Liverpool facility with all pricing in GBP (inc VAT).

“The new UK based operation and website makes our products easier and less expensive for our UK fans,” said Mike Robinson, President and founder of Eastwood Guitars. “Eliminating expensive North America shipping makes them more affordable and gets the guitars to our customers faster, without any unexpected import costs.”

The Eastwood Guitars UK facility is managed by Carl Cook, whose prior long standing association with Eastwood guarantees that the expert knowledge and enthusiasm that Eastwood Guitars have become renown for is brought to the UK shores. This new UK operation is part of the overall international expansion plan of Eastwood Guitars and it will also support the many new distributors of Eastwood and Airline products across Europe.

Mike Robinson

4 thoughts on “Eastwood Guitars UK: Now Up & Running in Liverpool

Steve PaxmanPosted on  10:53 am - Feb 15, 2014

Hi there. Do you stock the Airline ’59 Town & Country Deluxe in redburst? It’s the one that I’m most interested in but doesn’t seem to be advertised anywhere. If you can supply one can you let me know how much? Cheers, Steve Paxman

eddie harrisonPosted on  5:51 pm - May 24, 2014

Love the look of theses guitars and feel that I’ll have to get one. I play at the Cavern club every weekend in the resident band ” The Shakers ” it would be cool if I could try the 12 string out. Cheers Carl. Eddie Harrison.

JimPosted on  4:44 pm - Aug 26, 2014

Do you carry guitar pickups?

martin randlePosted on  8:30 am - Mar 4, 2016

how come the Eastwood classic 12 is £439 in the UK plus delivery yet if I get it from Germany it’s £385 + free delivery.

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