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Joey Leone Superfast Guitar from Eastwood Guitars

Eastwood Joey Leone Superfast Electric Guitar (Black)

Joey Leone Superfast Guitar from Eastwood Guitars

Why is the New Joey Leone SuperFast The Best Semi-Hollow Guitar Ever Built?

Eastwood Guitars and Joey Leone wanted to improve the already sucessful Joey Leone Model, they wanted it to be more responsive and resonant. We decided to think outside the (usual guitar) box and use Alder wood as the centerblock instead of rock maple. This lightened the guitar and made the resonance of the strings more consistant throughout the guitar. We also used a two piece pancake laminate process to make the alder centerblock as stable as maple but with half the weight. We even used paduka wood for the tailpiece insert to add a bit of weight (ballast) to the trapeze tailpiece. This combined with the already popular longer scale length (25 1/2″) adds a livelieness to the scale behind the bridge. All Leone models have the 2mm additional wideness of the neck which allows your fingers to stretch out a bit and not be cramped together, aiding in finger fatigue and ease of fretting. All you need to do is play this guitar acoustically to actually feel the difference. We made the SuperFast with two (coil tapped) pickups instead of three to also lighten the guitar and make the top more responsive. But the best part, in an effort to get this guitar in your hands faster, Eastwood has lowered the price on the Joey Leone SuperFast, because we believe that our customers will, see, hear, and feel the difference.

Eastwood Joey Leone Superfast Electric Guitar (Black)

Eastwood Joey Leone Superfast Electric Guitar (Black)

“It’s super light, super responsive, super versatile, super affordable, and its SuperFast.”

Includes hardshell case.

Trapeze Tail

PAYPAL $1249

Check out this jam with Joey featuring Rick Redington on a Mandocaster:

Joey Leone Superfast:

Eastwood Joey Leone Superfast Electric Guitar (Black)

Eastwood Joey Leone Superfast Electric Guitar (Black)

Mike Robinson

7 thoughts on “Joey Leone Superfast Guitar from Eastwood Guitars

K.L.APosted on  5:35 am - Feb 3, 2012

I would be very interested in purchasing one of these bad girls if it came in ‘Red’ !
I love my Supros and Airlines, got one of your limited ‘maps’ awhile back

ALSPosted on  3:18 pm - Apr 3, 2012

Yes I would be me too if these super guitar came in RED, Please do it

KenPosted on  10:09 am - May 4, 2012

I would get one if it came with a 24 3/4 scale.

steve causeyPosted on  3:52 pm - Oct 12, 2012

why arnt there any cheaper one like fender does mex or chini steve

Mike RobinsonPosted on  9:08 pm - Oct 12, 2012

because fender and gibson do cheaper ones?

Johnny B. HallPosted on  12:47 pm - Aug 20, 2014

With a lot of the Mexican Strats and Chinese Gibsons the quality is hit or miss. If your cheapo copy guitar has issues, who ya gonna call? I have three Mexican Strats and an Indonesian Jaguar, so “I been there.” Mike oversees every part of the Eastwood and Airline models to make sure the quality is up to snuff. He also has some really good, dedicated folks working for him and with him to ensure that you get a fine instrument. Sure they are made overseas, but Mike’s QC is second to none. I am the owner of the Joey Leone prototype guitar which you see demonstrated by Alan Greenway on Youtube; it is a great instrument. The guitars Mike offers from his company cost quite a bit less than comparable guitars sold by other companies. An Eastwood or Airline guitar is a good deal, particularly B stock guitars where the flaw is almost always very small and has no effect whatever on the playing experience! Mike sells quality instruments at a reasonable price.

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