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Guitar Review: Eastwood Sidejack DLX Guitar

Guitar Review: Eastwood Sidejack DLX Guitar

Every Sunday we are posting a single video demo paired with a recent review from Harmony Central. This week it is the Eastwood Sidejack DLX- I have no idea who did this, but it is cool and entitled “Wankin’ on my Eastwood Sidejack.”

Product: Eastwood Guitars Sidejack
Price Paid: $479
Submitted 04/28/2006 at 02:26pm by John W.

Features : 10
This is a follow-up to my review (John W. 2-28-05)

Same as review. Everything is working perfectly with no complaints. I am desparately trying to wear this thing out! I will perish before it does, place your bets now.

I didn’t know I would become accustomed to this flat (12.00″+) fretboard and slightly chunky neck (slightly larger than “standard thin”).I have gits from 7.500″ radius to 16.000″ and still play them and enjoy each one, but this particular set up at the 24.750″ scale is perfect for my hand @ 9.500″ hand spread (pinky to thumb).

I still dream about a Wizard neck with compound radius and a 24.750″ scale. Maybe someday I’ll throw some money at it. It would be soooo nice to have the best of both radius worlds! (I’m trying to get Warmoth to make one of these, but they don’t make a Wizard at shorter than 25.500″). Maybe Mike Robinson (Eastwood) will make us one??

One extremely nice change for the Sidejack has been loading it with D’Addario Chromes (ECG24). These are High finish ribbon wound that are ground FLAT. They call them jazz light gauge @ .011, .015, .022, .030, .040, .050″. These strings sound bright and clean and play so smoothly (NO FRICTION) that it is truly effortless which makes playing easier with obvious technique improvement. They bend very easily considering their gauge and chords blend so well it makes standard ribbon wounds sound terribly bad. Single notes have a quality that is clean with no overtones and they require LESS pressure to note, removing intonation sharping that can occur with light gauge strings.

I put a set of Chromes (ECB82) on my Bronco bass also. Perfect sound! Slap, flap, clean, mellow; it’s all in the tone knob and playing technique.

Sound : 10
You can get any sound out of this guitar with good amps, etc. It needs no mods or “hot rodding”. The pups are clear!

Action, Fit, & Finish : No Opinion
Constructed better than all the things I’ve played for years. I require extremely low action with no buzz. I have it with this guitar.

I always pay attention to the left or right of torso centering of the guitar’s scale. (Too far left of center chest, you have to reach abnormally far with the left arm as a RH player). It occurs on guitar models like the Mosrite and others. Just look at the amount of body real estate to the right of the bridge on some guitars (from playing position) and where the body relief shaping is located).

This guitar does shift the scale to the left 2.000″ more than my Fenders and Dano, so it would be a problem EXCEPT that it’s a mid-scale length at 24.750″. There is some extra reach but it’s ok with the shorter scale.

Reliability/Durability : 10
Durable period.

Customer Support : 10
Better than perfect. Just like my wife! (she will read this).

Overall Rating : 10

Guitar Review: Eastwood Sidejack DLX Guitar

Guitar Review: Eastwood Sidejack DLX Guitar

Bonus clip: The Baseball Project on the David Letterman show (June 19, 2008, Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, Peter Buck and Linda Pitmon):

Mike Robinson

2 thoughts on “Guitar Review: Eastwood Sidejack DLX Guitar

AnonymousPosted on  3:36 pm - Jun 15, 2012

[…] Never heard of Eastwood, and they use their own components too so can't even comment on those. But this guy seems to really like his a lot and for a sub $500 guitar that's a hell of a review and it doesn't sound half bad in the video although you have no idea what the rest of his setup is so judging an electric on that is questionable. Guitar Review: Eastwood Sidejack DLX Guitar | MyRareGuitars.com […]

Darren BPosted on  3:12 am - Oct 14, 2015

UPDATE for October 2015 (posted for anyone looking to buy one now).
I have a black DXL in fact I just got it this week. This review is OLD and Eastwood and their guitars have changed since this was written. It may have been more applicable to earlier models which I believe were made in Korea. In 2015 the Sidejack DLX is Chinese made..and it shows!
While the finish and general construction of the guitar are pretty good, (out of the box) the PLAYABILITY is questionable at best. In fact it’s downright poor, especially in the fret dept. On mine everything above the 12th fret is pretty much a mess. Some of the frets are badly unseated, uneven and “spongy” in the fretboard (ie they spring up and down due to poor fitment). Some of the fret edges are the sharpest and poorest finished I have encountered and do not look filed or finished at all, just cut to length and left. Despite the “quality control tag” the guitar came with which shows things like action and intonation checked off by someone, they certainly DID NOT check it at an acceptable string height. Out of the box the action on mine was over 3mm at the 12th fret treble side. I guess at this height anything won’t buzz. Try and drop it to anything like a good playing action and you can forget it, buzzes everywhere from the 12th fret onwards. And I’m talking BAD buzzes and choked frets.
After a local luthier gave it the once over he thought at least 2 frets would need totally replacing, followed by a level and dress. Here that means an extra $200 – $300 just to get it into a playable condition. And this guitar is new.
So, if you’re going to buy one take my advice and play one first. And NOT a demo model (which may have had extra work done on it) but a regular out-of-the-box one. Check the action, check the frets and check for fretbuzz. Be prepared to have it corrected and to outlay extra cash.
Guitars in general are one of the few items you can buy new and then be expected to have to work done to get them right. If cars were made like this it would be a scandal but in the guitar world it seems totally acceptable. When you buy a new guitar it should work and work properly straight out of the box. Anything else is just slack quality control and should not be acceptable.

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