New Sidejack Bass VI from Eastwood Guitars!

Not surprisingly, Eastwood SOLD OUT of the initial March 2012 release of their Bass VI model in the first week of availability. Then the next shipment in May SOLD OUT in 2 weeks. Now, we have another shipment coming – including a new Black color – 1st week of September. We are taking orders NOW, they are only $649 plus shipping. All orders in the month of August will receive a free Green Room Gig Bag.

Eastwood Sidejack Bass VI Guitar (Vintage Cream)

Eastwood Sidejack Bass VI Guitar (Vintage Cream)

All orders in the month of August will receive a free Green Room gigbag (value $29).

Three things make the Bass VI better than anything else on the market,

  1. The tremolo makes for a much more versatile instrument
  2. The P-90 pickups allow for a much brighter tone, most competitors use humbuckers and have a muddy tone
  3. The price. This is a solid gig-worthy workhorse of an instrument at an unbeatable price.

Here are a couple of demos showing the versatility of the Bass VI:


  1. Johnny Cool J says

    It’s a really cool ax but any time I see videos for a VI, no one quite knows what to do with it. I’d like to see it used in a practical application, not just noodling.

  2. Jeff says

    Actually, most competitors DON’T use a humbucker pick-up for their VIs. This is in error and should be removed from the description.

  3. Mike Robinson says

    not making any more metallic blue yet, we are making a Black one with tortoisehell p/g and gold hardware, available Spet 1st.

  4. Vito says

    Dang! I completely missed this one. I see that there’s a new bunch in black now, but I’ve been out of work with a back injury for the past two months, and don’t have the bux. Hopefully, by the time I’m back on my feet, you’ll make some more of those spiffy metallic blue jobs…like maybe around Christmas time?

  5. kenstee says

    As Jeff mentioned above most competitors DO NOT use hums in their VIs. This is a major error here. The Schecter Hellcat VI (the only Vi which used to have mini-hums) now uses 3 genuine Seymour Duncan SJAG-1s single coils. And sounds great BTW!

  6. Øyvind B Lyse says

    I realy hope you start making them in metallic blue again !!!!
    I have one of your Sidejack bariton in blue,and thats a killer version.
    ……So, please !!!!:-)

  7. Andreas says

    I dream of a Bass VI in sunburst (greenburst or metallic blue would be cool too), but in germany they aren’t available (in any color). :-(

  8. says

    I’d like to ask whether there is a possibility of ordering Eastwood Sidejack Bass VI to Europe, and what is the shipping price. Additionally, I’d like to inquire, when will the next shipment of Sidejack VI basses take place (after the one that you’re going to have in September)?

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