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Return Policies

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. That’s the policy. Return it.

If the product is damaged, does not work, missing parts, or if you feel the product has been misrepresented, I will pay for the return shipping. If you simply don’t like it or changed your mind, you pay for shipping. Fair?

Once the product returns safe and sound, I will refund the money the same way it was paid.

Note: You must email me for an RMA number and shipping instructions BEFORE returning the item.

(Sorry, no refund of international shipping costs. All shipments outside North America may be subject to local taxes and duties which will be collected by UPS on delivery. If the shipment is refused for any reason, the buyer is responsible for all expenses such as return shipping, etc. )

2 thoughts on “Return Policies

Gary Presley-NelsonPosted on  4:39 pm - Dec 26, 2013

Hi I’d like to return two (2) bass guitars (walnut hollow-body). I believe there was an error in ordering and I received two of the same basses, though I intended to only purchase one. I was charged for both. After playing the bass I found the sound not to be what I was looking for. It was too “tinny”. I’m not sure if its the pick-ups or just the set-up. Per your return policy above I don’t mind paying shipping on one of the basses as I am just not happy with the sound. If you could email me a RMA number and return instructions for both that would be great.

SwathiPosted on  2:01 am - Aug 23, 2015

Hi Lisa My dad played (well he still plays) gutair when I was a little kid. I remember him playing Mexican folk songs.I apparently inherited some musical genes from he and my mom (who used to sing in the kitchen and in the car all the time). I was in the band in high school and went to college with the hopes of being a jazz trumpet player.Didn’t work out. Changed majors then dropped out of school after sticking with it longer than I should have. Joined the Marine Corps. Got married, had a child, divorced. Life took over, remarried, career changes, etc. Seventeen years after leaving music in college I picked it up again but by way of an acoustic gutair.I am having so much fun with it.

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