Top 5 Practices for Keeping your Guitar Safe from Harm


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” There’s a hidden message in that phrase that applies to your guitar – don’t break it! It’s a terrifying thing when your pride and joy gets damaged. In many cases a guitar can be rendered useless,  or end up sporting little dings and blemishes that you would simply rather […]

Ugly Mugs No. 2: Under the Radar (Vintage 1976 Burns Flyte Electric Guitar)

Vintage 1976 Burns Flyte Electric Guitar

Last week I opined about my penchant for unusual, not to say, ugly guitars like the Fenton-Weill Tux-master from England. Now, I don’t mean to throw (rolling) stones—the States has produced its share of butt-ugly guitars—but Merry Old England has contributed mightily to the cause. And even though he’s revered in the U.K. as their very own Leo Fender, Jim Burns has had a hand in more than a few guitar models that might crack a mirror if they could see themselves. One case in point: the Burns Flyte.

The King of Vintage – err – Used Guitars (Vintage 1966 Imperial S-2T Electric Guitar)

Vintage 1966 Imperial S-2T Electric Guitar

This Imperial came out of a little piece of Dickens in Philadelphia called Torresdale Music in the neighborhood with that name, in the “near northeast” as we call it, near the Burlington-Bristol Bridge (cheapest toll bridge over the Delaware River to New Jersey and back). Torresdale was a tiny, ancient corner shop just up the street from Chink’s Steaks, a legendary cheesesteak sandwich purveyor, the name of whose establishment has been the source of some local ethnic controversy. (Really good cheesesteaks consumed while sitting in 1940s-vintage wooden booths, highly recommended.)

Peachy Keen (Vintage 1967 EKO Condor Electric Guitar)

Vintage 1967 EKO Condor Electric Guitar

Even though I don’t frequent them often, I love classic car shows. The sight of those two-tone jobs—often done up in exotic colors like pastels or turquoise—always raises a smile of nostalgia, a glimmer of my youth when they were new and I had dreams of being able to hit the road. Kind of like how I feel when I look at this very nifty EKO Condor.

Two New Left-Hand Models: Folkstar and ’59 2P (February 2012)

Airline '59 Custom 2P Electric Guitar (Red, Left-Handed)

Eastwood has just released their Airline ’59 2P and Folkstar models in Left-hand. Both models start shipping week of Feb 7th. The ’59 will be available in Red, the Folkstar in Red or Black.

New Airline Coronado ’59 Demo by Mason Stoops

Mason Stoops and Wendell Ferguson jamming at NAMM

 New Airline Coronado ’59 Demo  Check out this new demo from our friend Mason Stoops. Mason does some great research and shares some interesting historical info about the origins of the Coronado model. Great job! The Airline ’59 Coronado is our tribute to the Supro Coronado model used by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. […]

From the Temple of Doom (I): Koob, Albert, Patricia, and Adeline

1966 Kapa Continental 12-String

Imagine someone telling you about an old-time music store that had a huge stash of unsold guitars from the 1960s, plus some guitar effects from the ‘70s lying around in its upper floors in Newark, NJ. Well, you can bet it didn’t take long for me to beat a path to the door of Newark Music City (calm down; this was a long time ago and, while the company still exists, it’s long gone from Newark). Even though I was late in the game, there were still unmined treasures to be had. A real Temple of Doom!

A Sharp Venture (1968 Guyatone LG-350T Sharp 5 Electric Guitar)

1968 Guyatone LG-350T Sharp 5 Vintage Electric Guitar

Well, well, well. What have we here? On the surface, of course, it’s a 1968 Guyatone LG-350T Sharp 5. A sight little seen in North America, but not uncommon in Japan, at least once upon a time. And if it makes you think of a little bit of a Mosrite on drugs, well then you’re not too far off the mark! Welcome to a bit about the Ventures and the early world of copy guitars!

Tension Reduction, But Not With Shiatsu (1990 PBC GTS 200S Electric Guitar)

1990 PBC GTS 200S Electric Guitar

How often have you ever walked into a music store—an admittedly increasingly exotic experience in this internet age—and had the salesman practically beg you to buy a guitar at a bargain basement price? My guess is not often! Nevertheless, that’s exactly what happened to me with this 1990 PBC GTS 200S!