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Welcome Keith McFadden to the MRG Demo Team

Keith McFadden

Welcome Keith McFadden to the MRG Demo Team

Some of you may have noted that over the past two months a new face has surfaced on the MyRareGuitars YouTube channel. Say hello to Keith McFadden from Lindsay Ontario. Yep, Canadian like us, eh? Keith adds a new twist as he takes advantage of loops to highlight the guitars versatility within the same take and the demos are really entertaining. Please take a moment to view a few of them and pass along your welcome comments to Keith!

Airline Bobkat

Sidejack Bass VI and DLX

Airline Folkstar

Airline ’59 3P G.Love

Airline Jupiter

Eastwood Hi-Flyer Phase IV

Airline Espanada

Mike Robinson

4 thoughts on “Welcome Keith McFadden to the MRG Demo Team

GarboPosted on  1:07 pm - Mar 5, 2013

Excellent demos, great playing style and for people like me, the way i wanted Eastwood to be reviewed. Thanx a lot.

billy boberPosted on  4:22 pm - Mar 5, 2013

mike, long time big fan, keep up the great work..question, do you know what type of looper he was using? sounds great..love all you do…billy bober north carolina

DavePosted on  12:09 am - Mar 13, 2013

Keith demos are amazing — unbelievable creativity and range from the simplified Bobkat.

Great salesmanship without a sales pitch (i.e., show don’t tell).

DDPosted on  8:53 pm - Jul 14, 2016

Amazing playing, incredible guitars. Why aren’t you playing in a band??? The demo speaks volumes about the quality of these guitars. Love it, keep it up.. You have convinced me to buy one! Thanks

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