YouTube Your Eastwood (January 2012)

Lots of people are getting their music out there on YouTube these days. If you put up something creative – featuring EASTWOOD or AIRLINE guitars – we will give you a shout out in our monthly newsletter. Here are the latest ones…

Roscoe Does BECK – Eastwood Ichiban

Jeffrey Beauchamp Art Show Promo – Airline Tuxedo

Floating Action – Eastwood Classic 12

Missle – Airline 2P and MAP Bass – Airline Mandola


The Surf Aces with AIRLINE MAP Guitar and BASS. WOW!

..and the Joey Leone Signature goes south with a great Chilean band, called “Voodoo Zombie”

Dutch band DEE STAAT featuring EASTWOOD Delta 6

Dirty Pavor – Knobs & Switches

Unfortunate Science – featuring Eastwood WANDRE DLX

Hospital Beds – featuring AIRLINE MAP


  1. says

    New video release ‘COMMANDO’ features a shot or two of my beloved Hi-Flyer bass. Every live performance I have with EndAnd is with this bass, her name is Muddie Mae, and I’m coming back for the new 6-string next. Mark my words.

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