Build Your Dream Amp! (Guitar Amp Survey)

This month you get to configure your DREAM AMP! By filling in a survey you can choose almost every design detail as if you were having a custom amp built just for you. Next month we’ll review the results and see what interesting trends and insights we’ll learn from all you twisted gear heads!

Below you will find a link to a survey that will step you through the design questions that would have to be answered to build your DREAM AMP. But wait… what’s this???? As you will see, you are actually going to configure TWO amps!

One amp will be the ‘I won the lottery’ toy where you can spend as much as you want. The other amp is what you would build if you had a limited budget (I know, the real world sucks!). The survey is not sophisticated enough to restrict choices so that your design decisions will match the budgets you set for yourself. So, to make the results reasonably realistic you will have to restrain yourself depending on your budgets. But, that shouldn’t reduce the fun! Will the amps be the same or radically different? You get to choose!

The survey can take as little as a few minutes, or if you’re like me, each technical answer will require hours of agonizing soul searching to end up with just the right configuration! Well, not really… the survey shouldn’t take more than five minutes!

Have fun and I’ll see you next month!!!


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