Famous Guitarists’ Guitar Fails

You are not alone. 99.999% of all guitarists have, at some point, encountered problems when playing live. And if you haven’t… be sure you WILL, at some point!

If you haven’t seen this video, which compiles a few clips of famous guitarists and their embarrassing guitar fails. A sobering reminder that even the most famous guitaristsĀ are just humans like the rest of us…

Top 5 guitar fails… and how to avoid them:

  • Fx pedal battery dies during set: always make sure to use new batteries before a gig!
  • Guitar strap comes off mid-song: come on, strap locks are not that expensive, are they?
  • Guitar string snaps: use heavier gauge, or make sure strings have been replaced recently.
  • Guitar lead comes off when you’re moving around: make sure to make your cable go between guitar body and strap.
  • Your guitar is too quiet: turn it up to 11!!!

Have YOU ever had an embarrassing moment when playing guitar on stage? Share your experience with the rest of the My Rare Guitars community! Simply leave a comment… we’d love to hear about it (even though you might not love to remember it…)