GAS Rule Book Addendum: Never Ever Use Your Wife’s Ebay Account to Buy a Guitar

We have been forced this week to make an ammendment to the popular, “GAS Rule Book”. After referring to Rule #23: “Never Ever Tell Your Spouse”, we followup with Rule #23b: “Never Ever Use Your Wife’s Ebay Account to Buy a Guitar”. I know it might seem obvious to most people, but after receiveing the following message yesterday, I thought it would be prudent to pass this along to my fellow GAS addicts. Read and learn:

Dear Seller,
I am writing to ask you to please cancel this purchase. My husband who has no experience (or business in my opinion) on ebay was tooling around on our shared computer and apparently mistakenly bought this guitar. Because I was already logged into eBay earlier that day, he met no resistance and says since he didn’t have to enter a credit card he thought it was like Amazon and he could just “look around”. I know, I know….. It doesn’t make sense to me either. But I do know the man reads nothing so it could happen.

Anyway… So, since this purchase is attached to me and not him and since I will be made to suffer with the bad rating and possibly getting kicked off eBay – which would make me very sad – I am hoping you will be kind to us.
Believe me he is being made to pay for this at home. So please put an end to his suffering and let me out of this purchase. I appeal to you kind person?. Please! Sincerely, (name deleted)

So there you go folks. Yes, we cancelled the order but something tells me this man won’t see the end to his suffering anytime soon.

Remeber, be careful out there.

Although you can hardly blame the guy, he was after one of these:

The Classic 12 (12-string) guitar from Eastwood Guitars

The Classic 12 (12-string) guitar from Eastwood Guitars