YouTube Your Eastwood (April 2012)

Lots of people are getting their music out there on YouTube these days. If you put up something creative – featuring EASTWOOD or AIRLINE guitars – we will give you a shout out in our monthly newsletter. Here are the latest ones…

The Mastersons Perform at John Varvatos Thursday Nite Live – Airline Coronado, Warren Ellis Tenor, Airline MAP Bass

The Black Lips – Cole’s Invincible Airline Twin Tone

The Black Marquee (LA) – Brokedown Casanova – 2012 – Classic 4 Bass / Airline Tuxedo

‘Only When It Rains’ and ‘Heartache’ by The Hedrons – Eastwood P-90

Eastwood Airline Big Horn – di Simone Gianlorenzi

Bill Nelson – two short clips – Airline Town & Country / Airline MAP

Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes” – Airline ’59 Custom

Golden Bloom – “Rhyme The Reason” – Airline RS-II

DOG DAY – “Happiness” – Airline Bass

The Fearless Vampire Killers – For You & Me – Classic 4 Bass