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Colin Newman from Wire

“We are not a punk band” says Wire’s Colin Newman

Wire’s 1977 debut, “Pink Flag”, is widely regarded as one of the landmark British punk albums, released the same years as the Sex Pistols’ and The Clash’s debuts. It may come as a surprise, then, that the band don’t see themselves as punks… and never have.

In an exclusive interview for Eastwood guitars, Wire’s lead singer and guitarist, Colin Newman, said:

“Wire really never were a punk band… we happened to be there at the same time. You could list the Ramones as one of our influences, but we were never interested in just doing that genre.”

Eastwood met with Colin Newman ahead of their gig in Leeds, England, last month. Wire were headlining their own festival, DRILL, which takes places in different countries, including the US, England, Belgium and Germany.

The band is currently promoting their new album, Silver/Lead, that shows they are still musically relevant in 2017 – and, perhaps as Colin suggest, not really “punk”. At least not anymore!

Colin Newman live at Leeds

Colin Newman live at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club

The article also reveals plans for a Colin Newman signature guitar, based on Colin’s favorite guitar – the Airline MAP, which he fitted with a piezo pickup for acoustic tones.

Since forming in 1976, Wire have become one of the most influential British bands from the late seventies – despite never achieving the same level of success as the Sex Pistols or The Clash. Bands as diverse as R.E.M., Sonic Youth, Franz Ferdinand, Blur, Elastica, My Bloody Valentine, Black Flag and, more recently, Parquet Courts, have been influenced by Colin Newman & co. 

Today, with the addition of new guitarist Matt Simms (who joined in 2010), Wire remain relevant and a superb live band – and the same goes for their records. Albums such as Change becomes Us, Nocturnal Koreans and this year’s Silver/Lead are proof of their continued musical vitality.

LISTEN: Wire’s “Short Elevated Period” (from Silver / Lead, 2017)



WATCH: Moon Duo Covers The Stooges’ ‘No Fun’

Iggy Pop turned 70 last Friday, April 21. To celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest frontmen in Rock’n’Roll, Moon Duo covered The Stooges’ ‘No Fun’ on BBC Radio 6.

On this video, Moon Duo singer / guitarist Ripley Johnson uses, as usual, his Airline 59 3P Ripley Custom, his own signature guitar and also an unique model in the Airline 59 family, as it features our Transwarp Drive boost.

Airline 59 3P Ripley Custom

Airline 59 3P Ripley Custom

Rock on, Ripley!


Moon Duo’s worldwide tour continues in the U.S. and Canada. If you’re around to catch one of those dates, don’t miss it!

21/4/17 Chicago @ The Empty Bottle w/ Jackie Lynn 
22/4/17 Detroit @ El Club w/ Jackie Lynn 
23/4/17 Toronto @ Horseshoe Tavern w/ Jackie Lynn 
25/4/17 Montreal @ La Sala Rossa w/ Jackie Lynn 
26/4/17 Boston @ Great Scott w/ Jackie Lynn 
27/4/17 Brooklyn @ Rough Trade w/ Jackie Lynn 
28/4/17 Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Jackie Lynn 
29/4/17 Washington DC @ DC9 w/ Jackie Lynn 
30/4/17 Cleveland @ Beachland Tavern w/ Jackie Lynn

More info:

Moon Duo official website

View Airline 59 3P Ripley information

Black Lips Tour Dates 2011 & SXSW Mosh Pit

Cole from the Black Lips with his Airline Town & Country guitar

Cole from the Black Lips with his Airline Town & Country guitar

Black Lips are out on tour this month (link to tour dates) and I hooked up with them yesterday in Toronto during their sound check. Cole is using an AIRLINE Twin Tone as well as a ’59 Town & Country. Go check them out in your city! If you’ve ever wondered what it is like up front during one of their shows, check out this clip from SXSW:

Black Lips Tour Dates 2011:

  • 03-16-18 Austin, TX – SXSW
  • 04-06 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
  • 04-07 Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
  • 04-08 Washington, DC – Black Cat
  • 04-09 Philadelphia, PA – The Trocadero
  • 04-12 New York, NY – Webster Hall
  • 04-13 Pawtucket, RI – The Met
  • 04-14 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
  • 04-15 Montreal, Quebec – Le National
  • 04-16 Toronto, Ontario – Phoenix Concert Theater
  • 04-17 Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
  • 04-19 Columbus, OH – Outland Live
  • 04-20 Newport, KY – Southgate House
  • 04-21 St. Louis, MO – The Firebird
  • 04-22 Chicago, IL – Logan Square Auditorium
  • 04-23 Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theater
  • 04-25 Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room
  • 04-26 Kansas City, MO – The Beaumont Club
  • 04-27 Dallas, TX – The Loft
  • 04-28 Austin, TX – Emo’s
  • 04-29 Houston, TX – Fitzgerald’s
  • 04-30 Baton Rouge, LA – Spanish Moon
  • 05-06 Barcelona, Spain – Bikini
  • 05-07 Santiago de Compostela, Spain – Sala Capitol
  • 05-08 Madrid, Spain – Sala Heineken
  • 05-09 Montpelier, France – Rockstore
  • 05-11 Strasbourg, France – La Laterie
  • 05-12 Hamburg, Germany – Grunspan
  • 05-13 Berlin, Germany – Festsaal Kreuzberg
  • 05-14 Munich, Germany – Garage Fest
  • 05-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Trouw Amsterdam
  • 05-17 Paris, France – 104
  • 05-18 Brussels, Belgium – Les Nuits Botanique
  • 05-19 London, England – The Garage
  • 05-20 Liverpool, England – Sound City Festival
  • 05-21 Cheshire, England – Friends of Mine Festival
  • 05-22 Leeds, England – Brudenell Social Club
  • 05-24 Glasgow, Scotland – Stereo
  • 05-25 Dublin, Ireland – The Button Factory
  • 05-26 Cork, Ireland – Cypress Avenue
  • 05-27 Galway, Ireland – Roisin Dubh
  • 05-31 Zurich, Switzerland – Exil
  • 06-01 Vevey, Switzerland – Rocking Chair
  • 06-02 Vienna, Austria – Flex
  • 06-09 San Diego, CA – The Casbah
  • 06-10 Santa Barbara, CA – Velvet Jones
  • 06-11-12 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
  • 06-14 Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
  • 06-15 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore Ballroom
  • 06-16 Seattle, WA – Neumos
  • 06-17 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory Concert House
  • 06-18 Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge
  • 06-19 Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
  • 06-21 Tucson, AZ – Plush
  • 06-22 Phoenix, AZ – Rhythm Room
  • 06-23 Costa Mesa, CA – The Detroit Bar
  • 06-24 Los Angeles, CA – The Music Box
  • 06-25 Pomona, CA – The Glass House

Happenings Around Eastwood HQ

1) On Tour: Sons of OTIS

Sons of OTIS

Sons of OTIS

If you purchased an EASTWOOD Guitar in the past two years, there is a good chance it was setup by Ryan Aubin. When Ryan is not acting as a guitar tech for EASTWOOD, he is teaching guitar at the local shop, PINECONE Music. But sometimes Ryan gets sick of looking at guitars, so he throws down his pic and picks up his sticks. As drummer for SONS OF OTIS, Ryan is off to Europe for one month to tour with his band. On behalf of everyone at EASTWOOD we wish him a safe and fun trip! If you get a chance, drop out to see their show, here is a link to the tour dates.

Sons of OTIS

Sons of OTIS

2) Keri on the Ellen show

Mike Robinson with Keri (from the Ellen show)

Mike Robinson with Keri (from the Ellen show)

For the past few years, every other month we have lunch at Alice Fazooli’s where our waitress Keri has a way to make every day seem a little brighter. As it is unlikely that any of you will ever get up here for lunch, it turns out Ellen found a way to make it seem like you were here. Watch this:

and here she is at the Grammy’s:

Throwback Suburbia on West Coast Tour

Portland, Oregon July 2010 – Power-pop rockers Throwback Suburbia are gearing up to bring their brand of classic, hook laden music to the masses and Canadian guitar manufacturer Eastwood Guitars has offered up their support.

Throwback Suburbia have long been endorsees of Eastwood Guitars and now the two have joined forces for the band’s summer tour, hoping to reach fans of both classic melody and stylish guitars.

Throwback Suburbia will play a series of shows up and down the west coast, promoting their self-titled album and the guitars they faithfully depend on. Throwback Suburbia will share their tour experiences with fans by posting daily video entries with ultimate plans for releasing an extended documentary in the coming months.

Come out to one or more of the following shows and mention the catch phrase “I Get It,” to receive free Eastwood swag.

July 23
Old Ironsides – Sacramento, CA

July 24
The Joint – Los Angeles, CA
International Pop Overthrow Festival

July 25
Cat Club – Hollywood, CA

July 27
Zia Records – Las Vegas, NV

July 27
Beauty Bar – Las Vegas, NV

July 28
Beauty Bar – San Diego, CA

July 29
Alex’s Bar – Long Beach, CA

July 30
Thee Parkside – San Francisco, CA

August 5
Oregon Gardens w/ Pat Benetar – Silverton OR

Eric, Mike, Jimi, Paul and Mark
Throwback Suburbia
Web: www.throwbacksuburbia.com
Email: info@throwbacksuburbia.com

Throwback Suburbia: Summer 2010 West Coast Tour

Throwback Suburbia: Summer 2010 West Coast Tour

Joe Price & Vickie Price at the Eastwood Players Lounge

Joe Price & Vickie Price at the Eastwood Players Lounge

Joe Price & Vickie Price at the Eastwood Players Lounge

On their way to the Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival last week, Joe and Vickie Price dropped in for a visit at the Eastwood Guitars Players Lounge. Joe has been a big fan of Eastwood guitars for some time and wanted to show us his modded Airline Map guitar. Joe explains:

Iowa may not be known as a blues mecca, but from the opening their most recent CD “Hornet’s Nest,” it’s clear that Waterloo native Joe Price is the real deal. He beats his guitar with the kind of power associated with Bukka White, Big Joe Williams, or Mississippi Fred McDowell and sings in a style that is as lowdown as it needs to be without sounding at all affected.

Check out this rehearsal with his band Bailiff:

On The Road With The Urinals (Sept. 2009)

It wasn’t even a tour…just a few dates in the Midwest over a long weekend. But it sounded like fun. Even a short time on the road is usually a good time, and we’d be playing with our buds from Chicago, the fabulous Mannequin Men, for all three dates. And it proved to be the great time it promised to be. If you want a cure for the blues, hot the road with the Mannequin Men for a few days. They remind me while I love rock and roll—seeing them on a good night reminds me of when I got to see the Replacements on a good one. A band that’s at once tight and loose, with great songs and killer hooks. What’s not to love?

The Urinals: Kev, John & Rob (2008)

The Urinals: Kev, John & Rob (2008)

Plus, we’d second on the bills to Midwestern legends Killdozer, which sounded fun.

And a few days on the road with John and Kevin (the founding/original members of the Urinals) is always great. So, off we went.

I realized on this trip they don’t pay you for playing shows—they pay you for getting on planes and driving though seemingly endless fields of corn with billboards for Cheese and Fireworks. The shows are a blast—but you earn your money eating crappy road food and praying you’ll never see another stalk of corn.

So, it was up early Thursday and off to LAX. I’d brought my Tele (a new one as I can’t replace my ’69 of something happened to it on the road) and my Eastwood Airline Tuxedo, some pedals and cable. We’d be using a backline on the shows—i.e., other people’s amps and drums—so I just brought a good overdrive pedal, not knowing what kind of tubes I’d be pushing (none, it turns out).

We got to Chicago, got stuck in truly dreadful traffic and found the hotel. A 30 minute nap was followed by more hideous traffic—complete with tolls! In Chicago, not only is driving a slice of hell, but you pay cash for the privilege of sitting sucking diesel fumes and doing less than one mile an hour.

We finally get to the club and, despite being late, we get a sound check. My guitar sounds pretty terrible, as I’m using a new pedal and a borrowed amp (a Roland Jazz Chorus this night). My Tele’s too brittle and bright. I decide to use the dirt pedal I know better at the show.

Using borrowed amps is one of the things you get used to on the road. Normally, at home, I use, for various gigs: a little Lafayette duel EL84 (for small gigs with the other band), a late 50’s Magnatone 260 (modified for more gain and volume), or a Mack Skyraider (for louder Urinal gigs). In the studio, I’m spoiled with a bunch of lower wattage vintage Valcos and such. So, I’m kinda spoiled amp-wise.

But, out of town, you come to realize that most of the crowd couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your tone. They’re out for a fun night with good songs played well. They don’t really, hard as it is for a guitar geek to admit, know the difference between a Tweed Deluxe and a Line 6. And, while you might more readily play better with an amp you love, part of being a pro is not letting that kind of thinking affect your playing. That positive mindset is hard to keep when you end up playing, as I did once, through a 70’s Peavey PA head that a club thought was just fine for guitar.

So, the Chicago show goes well, the Abbey is a great place with great sound, and the show goes off without a hitch—I don’t even break a string. Kev, from the MM, joins us for a spirited “I’m a Bug.”

A hot woman thanks John for playing “Strip Club” (Kevin and I look at each other like, “we were there too” but she’s only talking to John. Some other woman at the merch table tells John he has the “Sexiest voice in rock and roll.” She’s cute, too. I get a bunch of geeky guitar guys asking about my guitars and my elbow. No fair.

Day two consists of much driving though Illinois and Wisconsin. We stop for photos under an enormous metal cow and a giant “CHEESE” sign. At every road stop are billboards for cheese and fireworks. On seemingly every mile of travel is…corn…corn…more corn. It’s a good thing that John and Kevin (the other Urinals) are two of the funniest, easiest tempered guys in the world.

Much kidding John about the Sexiest Voice in Rock and Roll.

Before the show, we hit what’s purported to be a great St. Vincent DePaul (recommended by the guys in Killdozer, who know the town well). Men from Killdozer don’t lie—this is a great vintage shop. I get some cool vintage plaid pants and some odd bean that I wear onstage that night. Michael, the bass player from Killdozer, tells me about a Goodwill in town that is organized by color. All the green clothes, men’s or women’s, in one section, all the orange in another and so on.

Night two, in Madison, at the High Noon Saloon, is a blast. The owner, Kathy (Cathy?) is super cool, the green room is comfortable and clean, and each band has a huge cooler of beer and water. Stylin’

Show goes pretty well. Pop a string on my Tele on the fourth or fifth song. The Tuxedo sounds fatter, anyway. The amp the 2nd night is a Silverface Twin Reverb….a fine amp, but not one you can get into distortion without peeling the faces of the first twenty feet of the audience. So, once again, most of my distortion comes from a pedal.

I go out to have a smoke after our set in Madison, still wearing the beanie from St. Vincent DePaul and some guy says, “Nice hat, faggot.”

Later, at merch table, a guy says, “You sounded pretty good for a hippy.” (Kev from Mannequin Men offers to punch him for me. It’s good to have passionate friends, but I tell him not to punch the guy. “Say the world, and I’ll go Miagi on his ass.”).

I wonder what I did to Madison to get this treatment from strangers. Also, why hippie? I don’t mind being called a faggot, but hippie is another matter. Hippies are annoying. I have no hair. The guys in the band start calling me “the faggot hippy”.

Later, a woman wants the band’s autographs, but the last CD doesn’t have me on it, so I don’t want to sign. But it’s too hard to explain, so I had to sign Rod Barker’s name on a CD for a drunk woman who wanted autographs on WHAT IS REAL AND WHAT IS NOT.

The guys start calling me “Faggot, hippy Rod Barker” (Seemingly endless hours on the road leads to sophomoric humor).

At the merch table, a woman comes on to John. I get called more names. A woman says, “I NEVER thought I’d like a band called the Urinals.”

Next day’s drive to St. Paul. More corn. Eventually, blissfully, replaced with lakes and rivers.

Before the last night, we have dinner with the Mannequin Men and some of their cool pals. That puts our group at nine or ten for dinner. We try to go for Ethiopian food, but the place is packed, so we settle for pizza—a road staple we were hoping to mix up a bit, but no such luck. We make plans to do a cover single with the MM, where we cover one of theirs and they cover one of ours on a 45 (remember them? They’re back!). There’s talk of past tours and future tours and the general good-feeling of hanging with pals on the road.

The last night, at the Turf Club, I’d planned on using Ethan’s (from MM) Twin again, but the guys in Killdozer blew one of its speakers the night before. So I end up with the sound guy’s Fender Deville, which he tells me is a “great amp”. I’m not so sure that’s true, but it’s his and I don’t say anything, and it sounds fine…it gets loud and has a good clean channel (which sort of defeats the whole idea behind a tube amp, but whatever), so I can crank the clean and get, once again, dirt from the floor.

We have, maybe, our best show in St. Paul. Much fun. Miles and Kevin from MM join us on “I’m a Bug”. We close with a very fast version of 13th Floor Elevator’s/Roky Erickson’s “You’re Gonna Miss Me.”

We hang out at the club. It’s 1AM. Killdozer is playing a pretty great, over the top cover of “I Am, I Said.” We have a flight back to California in 5 hours and I’m wondering if I should nap or stay up all night. A woman hits on John after announcing, “I’m not a stalker, but I needed to see you!” Clearly, a stalker. To add insult to injury, her boyfriend stands there while she just about pins John to the pool table. Interesting. No one hits on me. More questions about the eBow and my guitars (well, my guitars are kind of cool). Ah, well. Rock and Roll.

Bands On Tour with Eastwood Guitars

The Gathering (from Holland)

The Gathering (from Holland)

Holland’s The Gathering are in the studio working on their new album this month and sporting a rack full of new Eastwood Guitars. Also, fellow Torontonians Stars, Broken Social Scene and Metric are wrapping up their tours this month featuring their new Eastwood Airline Guitars, as is Maximo Park with Eastwood Airline and Ichiban guitars. Get out there and support live music!

Toronto Band Metric On Tour This Month

Fellow Torontonians Metric are on the move this month. The tour kicked off with back to back SOLD OUT shows in Toronto this past week. It was a treat to see Jimmy and Josh ripping up the stage with their new Eastwood AIRLINE guitars.

Metric is on tour now!

Metric is on tour now!

Tour Dates:

  • 09/28/05 Toronto ON The Phoenix Concert Theatre (all ages – retail info soldout)
  • 09/29/05 Toronto ON The Phoenix Concert Theatre (all ages – retail info soldout)
  • 09/30/05 Ottawa ON Capitol Music Theatre (all ages – retail info)
  • 10/1/05 Montreal ON Club Soda (all ages – soldout)
  • 10/2/05 Boston MA Paradise Rock Club
  • 10/3/05 Providence RI Century Lounge
  • 10/5/05 New York NY Bowery Ballroom
  • 10/6/05 Brooklyn NY Southpaw
  • 10/7/05 Philadelphia PA First Unitarian Church
  • 10/8/05 Washington DC 9:30 Club
  • 10/10/05 Carrboro NC Cat’s Cradle
  • 10/11/05 Atlanta GA The Loft
  • 10/12/05 Birmingham AL Zydeco
  • 10/13/05 Nashville TN Exit/In
  • 10/14/05 Cincinnati OH Top Cats
  • 10/15/05 Cleveland Heights OHGrog Shop
  • 10/17/05 Detroit MI Magic Stick
  • 10/18/05 Chicago IL Empty Bottle
  • 10/19/05 St. Louis MO Creepy Crawl
  • 10/20/05 Lawrence KS The Bottleneck
  • 10/21/05 Omaha NE Sokol Underground
  • 10/22/05 Minneapolis MN Ascot Room @ The Quest
  • 10/23/05 Winnipeg MB Ramada Conference Centre (all ages – retail info)
  • 10/24/05 Saskatoon SK Louis Pub / Univ of Saskatchewan (all ages – retail info)
  • 10/25/05 Edmonton Starlite (all ages – retail info)
  • 10/26/05 Calgary AB MacEwan Hall / Univ of Calgary (all ages – retail info)
  • 10/27/05 Edmonton AB Starlite (all ages – retail info soldout)
  • 10/28/05 Edmonton AB Starlite (18+ soldout)
  • 10/30/05 Vancouver BC The Commodore (afternoon show – all ages – retail info)
  • 10/30/05 Vancouver BC The Commodore (evening – 19+ – retail info)
  • 11/1/05 Seattle WA Crocodile Cafe
  • 11/2/05 Portland OR Doug Fir Lounge
  • 11/3/05 San Francisco CA Slims
  • 11/4/05 Los Angeles CA El Rey Theatre
  • 11/5/05 San Diego CA The Casbah
  • 11/7/05 Tempe AZ Big Fish Pub
  • 11/8/05 Tucson AZ Plush
  • 11/10/05 Austin TX The Parish
  • 11/11/05 Dallas TX Gypsy Tea Room
  • 11/12/05 Houston TX Meridian
  • 11/15/05 Fort Lauderdale FL Culture Room
  • 11/16/05 Tampa FL The Orpheum
  • 11/17/05 Orlando FL The Social
  • 11/18/05 Miami FL Club Revolver
  • 11/25/05 FRANCE Nantes Olympic
  • 11/26/05 FRANCE Angouleme La Nef
  • 11/28/05 FRANCE Paris Trabendo
  • 11/29/05 FRANCE Rennes La Cite
  • 11/30/05 FRANCE Strasbourg Laiterie
  • 12/1/05 FRANCE Evreux Abordage
  • 12/3/05 FRANCE Winterthour Gaswerk
Metric CD

Metric CD