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New Eastwood & Airline Electric Bass Models – Moving Upscale

New 34" Scale Electric Bass Models from Eastwood Guitars & Airline Guitars

New Eastwood & Airline Electric Bass Models – Moving Upscale

I started Eastwood Guitars over 10 years ago. Since then we have created dozens of guitar and bass models, focusing primarily on the 50’s and 60’s replica variety. As a guitar player, when called upon to play bass, I’ve always been more comfortable with the short 30″ scale as opposed to the traditional 34″ scale. They just feel right to me, and as most of the designs we tend to replicate from that era, they too were of the short scale variety. Consequently, most of the bass models we have introduced through the Eastwood and Airline brands have been short scale.

New 34" Scale Electric Bass Models from Eastwood Guitars & Airline Guitars

New 34" Scale Electric Bass Models from Eastwood Guitars & Airline Guitars

What is the downside to the short scale bass?

  1. Shorter strings have less tension, and therefore the tone tends to sounds tubbier or even muddy, and with far less sustain. Not a bad thing for many 60’s style applications, but does not give you a huge, booming tone.
  2. Longer scale basses have more overtones, clarity and punch.
  3. 30-inch scale feels noticeably short or awkward to a P-bass player and may be tough to make the adjustment.

Although I still feel every bass players needs a short scale bass in their arsenal, I too feel that Eastwood should have more 34″ scale options for our customers. In fact, we have had many customers over the years asking us to reach out to the 34″ crowd. So that time has come and we are now introducing 3 new Bass models this summer:

  • The Hurricane ($429)
  • The Stormbird ($469)
  • The 34″ Airline Map ($879)


Order before June 30th and we will throw in a $99 hardshell case for FREE.


Mike Robinson

5 thoughts on “New Eastwood & Airline Electric Bass Models – Moving Upscale

ron floydPosted on  4:04 pm - Jul 10, 2012

I would buy an excellent copy of the Gibson Les Paul Recorder bass. I own an original and love to play it but the plastic pickguard has cracked around the cable jack and it shorts all the time. I have not found any repair shop that can properly repair it. It is a great bass, 30″ scale, and does not sound muddy, and has great sustain, better than on my original P bass from 1962 (sans mute). Maybe you could make a copy with the cable jack routed through the body and not the pickguard?

CarminePosted on  7:08 pm - Oct 21, 2012

The Non reverse Thunderbird and Magnatone Hurricane have alawys been at the top of my list of most desirable basses I would love to own, however my dilemma is I’m a lefty! I know you must have a bit of a soft spot for us lefties somewhere in your heart and I own every lefty issue base you’ve produced, including the Gretsch, Ampeg and Ovation copies. I’m begging you– PLEASE say you will do the Tbird and Hurricane in lefties as well? These are also designs that were never available left-handed,this is the kind of stuff we lefties love because we NEVER got a chance to enjoy them like right-handers did. ¬†And if you don’t do it no one will. What are your thoughts on this? I look forward to your response…

Mike RobinsonPosted on  7:35 pm - Oct 21, 2012

The problem is simple. 5% of players – Bass and gutiar – are lefties. So, as we have to make at least 12 pcs of each item, I’d have to see at least 200+ right hand versions sell to be confident that I’d sell the 12 lefties… Or, you can go down this road: http://www.myrareguitars.com/eastwood-special-order-guitars-order-yours-today

PaulPosted on  6:54 pm - Nov 5, 2012

Would you consider making the Stormbird bass available left handed?
I want a bass in this style but find the Tokai take on this popular design to be very boring looking, not as funky as this.

MontyPosted on  10:21 pm - Apr 1, 2014

How about making the Sidejack/Mosrite bass in 34″ too? I like the new 32″ but you’ve already stated all the reasons for wanting and for for making a 34″.

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