Limited Production Eastwood Classic 12 Guitar – Metallic Blue – 8 more Available!


Eastwood has just produced a Limited Edition of their popular Classic 12 in Metallic Blue. Only 24 of these electric 12-string guitars were made. They begin shipping Oct 10, 2012. First come, first served. Order yours today!

Back Catalog Memories: 1960’s EKO Cobra Guitars

Vintage 1960's EKO Cobra 6-String Electric Guitar (Red)

EKO was an Italian manufacturer located in Recanati, Italy. Their products include classical guitars, 12-string guitars, arch top guitars, electric guitars and acoustic bass guitars. EKO guitars gained high popularity during the rock’n’roll craze of 1960s, becoming the largest guitar exporter in Europe. Their electric models were often highly ornamented with pearl, featured 3 or 4 pickups and recognizable “rocker” switches for pickup selection. The acoustic models were popular in country and folk rock bands of the late ’60s.

Eastwood Classic 12 Guitar Now Available in White Finish With Gold Hardware

Eastwood Classic 12 Guitar in White Finish with Gold Hardware (12-String Guitar)

Eastwood has released a new version of their top-selling Classic 12 guitars in White with Gold hardware. Special price of $499 will remain in place for the next 2 weeks, the price increases to $549 on April 15th, 2012. Custom hardshell case is also available for $99.

Al & Ray, Not Bob (1967 Alray 12-String Thinline Electric Guitar)

Vintage 1967 Alray 12-String Thinline Electric Guitar

The guitar shown here may have nothing to do with the famous comedic radio commercial team Bob and Ray, but half the name is right, and, from at least one point of view, this ca. 1967 Alray 12-string is pretty amusing! And as rare as…well…electric 12-strings!

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll (1967 Fender Coronado XII Wildwood 12-String Electric Guitar)

1967 Fender Coronado XII Wildwood 12-String Electric Guitar

Yeah, man, that’s why we get into guitars, isn’t it? All of which is evident in this cool Summer o’ Love 1967 Fender Coronado XII Wildwood!

Tone Secrets of the Electric 12-String Guitar

Rickenbacker 360/12 Old Style 12-String Electric Guitar

I’ve been playing the electric twelve string guitar professionally for the last 16 years in my band The Carpet Frogs. Guitar players have often complimented me on the tone of my electric 12 string and have asked me how I get that “authentic” sound! For me, it all started with the two Godfathers of the electric 12 string: George Harrison of the Beatles and Roger McGuinn of The Byrds. Obviously, the first ingredient is a great 12 string. The Granddaddy of them all is the Rickenbacker 12 string.