1. says

    Hi, Ive got a 1942 electric made in NZ.It was built by Bill Coulter and boat builder Arther Doig.Want to see some pics? Was the first Electric guitar in NZ.

  2. michael outtram says

    I have a 1940 harmony arch top guitar ,it is possibly older the harmony brand is painted on with old gold coloured paint .I also have an epiphone arch top guitar with a very old hand made double magnet pick up , it is obviously an early experimental guitar using one of the first ever electric hanmade pick ups.the volume knob is possibly of an old valve radio or something. Can you please contact me by email to . I would be interested in selling it .

  3. stephen dixon says

    I have a guitar from the 40s maybe early 50s called a kings guitar.any Idea anout it. no one seems to have heard of it.Its an Arch top hollow body. well a gibson. I have #1 of 980 built.

  4. Al says

    Can’t seem to get the audio to work on Budda’s video. ?????? Would love to here what he has to say!!!

  5. chris c says

    Hi my names chrisi believe I have a 193 something kays four string tenor guitar , in fair condition needs a few parts. serial number inside from wht I can see has a ks ? and 64 ?? can anyone help on the excact year and possibly the value thx

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