Bundle Squad SALE extended to Jan 10/2012. Hurry!

Order before December 31 and you’ll get a FREE Gigbag, FREE Tuner, FREE Strap and a FREE String Winder. Choose the Magnum Bass or the Airline Bighorn and all this FREE stuff will be included.

Read the latest review in Bass Player Magazine

Magnum Bass $499 use this button:







AIRLINE Bighorn $399 use this button:



(UPS North American shipping is $39. UK and Europe $129. Most other countries $189)


  1. says

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the heads up. You are always posting cool deals for your customers and I appreciate any reason to visit your website,lol. If I don’t get to talk to you before Please have a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy Holiday season.
    Roland (aka: Solid Body Love Songs)

  2. Stephen Makk says


    I wish you had a cool single pickup P90 guitar with an ergonomic body and set neck.
    That is my next buy, FYI. PRS has a really nice piece made of korina wood.
    Have been listening to some Social Distortion a lot lately. Best guitar sound of all! P90 overdrive.

    I’d be happy to endorse a “Stephen Makk Signature Edition” and even pay for it!

  3. Richard Naylor says

    Stephen are you’re thinking of getting the Crusty Sweaaters or was it the Knotty Cardigans back together again????

    Hope all is well???


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